Wednesday, May 30, 2007

erin and clark's wedding

Erin and Clark were so relaxed on their wedding day, the whole group was so easy to work with. And a lot of fun! Clark had his heart set on doing some night time shots on the main street, so we made good use of the car headlights. Doesn't Erin have amazing eyes?
ceremony :: Mt Erin Chapel
reception :: RSL Club

click here for the slideshow of Erin and Clarks wedding.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

a little bit about me

I like to drink... Iced tea, a habit I picked up in Thailand. I don't drink coffe but am totally addicted to chai tea from McDonalds ( and i also love a good hot chocolate ).

Things you will find on my desk... apart from a really big mess? Lots of funky pens ( I am a bit addicted to stationery, I can't walk past shops like kikki k or smiggle or that cool paper shop in canberra centre... must... go .... in..... ) and a note pad or two and a pack of pick pockets by jerry ghionis.

I am listening to... i tunes is set to random, so it could be anything... at the moment its sarah buxton.

Something I cant live without... lip gloss in a lot of flavours and colours, some in the car, in my hand bag, in my desk drawer, in my camera bag, in my walk in robe...

When I win lotto I will buy... I will so go shopping. First a new car, maybe a Monaro and a Torana, then a scooter ( pale blue retro style I saw one in Melbourne and totally fell in love with it ), fifty acres and an arabian horse, rescue a horse or two, get a shoot sac by jessica claire, enrol in a work shop by jessica claire and jerry ghionis, get a whole new wardrobe, donate a chunk to the RSPCA and then, when I just cant shop anymore, travel the world. And invest! So I can shoot for the love of it... And get some better photos taken of me....

free makeover and hair styling!

Attention all high school girls! Passion hair and beauty on Urana Street is doing a formal promotion on July the 10th and you get your hair and your make up done for free and then I get to do a funky photo shoot with you. Call Yvette at Passion for more details :: 6925 0827

daylight savings time

I have had this discussion with so many couples lately, I decided to google it and see what the dates are for this year...

Daylight savings starts this year on Sunday the 28th of October at 2am.

Daylight savings finishes on March 30th 2008 at 3am.

So keep this in mind if you havent set the times for your wedding yet, as its best to be doing your photos about two hours before sunset for the nicest light...

alexander and his mum

Alexander is an absolute bundle of adorable energy and how gorgeous is his Mum? I made sure I got some shots of Alexander giving his Mum a kiss on the cheek, because I know that is a shot I probably won't be able to get at a later stage!

And what about those red balloons? I got these ones from Party Capers on the main street and they're filled with some gooey stuff that makes them stay up for ages. They will make an appearance in a few shoots over the next couple of days.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

wedding dates booked

I have booked a heap of weddings lately, and the bridal fair is in July so I will book more then too. The dates I have already booked are listed below. Please note that I am pretty much booked up for the rest of this year as well, unless your wedding is in August.
Dont forget to book your engagement session!


Saturday 2nd

Saturday 9th

Saturday 19th

Saturday 28th

Saturday 1st
Thursday 13th
Saturday 15th
Saturday 29th
Saturday 28th

Saturday 4th
Saturday 1st

megan and david's wedding

Flashback for Megan and David, their wedding was in March but we need to put the slideshow up for them!

So click here to play...

Friday, May 25, 2007


Is it my imagination or do I get lots of gorgeous kids with beautiful eyes? How lucky am I? I bet Ryleys parents thought we got no shots at all, cause Ryley was more interested in the paint tins stacked at the laundry door than in smiling for me, but I think we did well. Lots of great shots of those beautiful eyes.

So click here for the slideshow.... this one has got Ryley's Mum's top shot selection.

good portraits from ugly places

I snapped a shot of this on the way home from a shoot the other day and thought "I'm gonna use that for a portrait shoot soon. " So I did. Post of that shoot coming soon!

Moral of this story : trust me, I'm a photographer, I can get great shots in a car park... Have a little faith!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

lets eats cake

So I have this idea in my head for a while now ( as I often do ). I wanted to get a one year old and get them to eat a cake while I got a series of shots. So this is what I got. I imagined that placing a cake laden with cream and sprinkles in front of a one year old would be an incredibly messy experience. But Mekhi had other ideas. He just dipped one finger in at a time, and then licked the cream off... bit by bit... so we had to help him get a little messy. So I found cake all down my hallway, all through the kitchen... Not sure if that was our naughty dog ( who broke in to hunt down the squeky toy ) or Mekhi's big sister. Either way, we had a lot of fun. We love eating cake!
And check out those eyelashes!

So when your little one turns one, celebrate with a cake eating contest.... I will take the photos and even clean up afterwards!

click here for da little slideshow... and have a nice day!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

a new addition

I have known Kelly and Lachlan for a couple of years now, we do a series of shots every Christmas. Lachlan is such a character! I can tell Cameron will be too, he has the cheeky eyes like his brother. So this shoot was to celebrate the newest family addition, little Cameron. His big brother loves him sooooo much, its so sweet! And at the end of the shoot, Cameron just curled up in Mums arms and went straight to sleep. Totally at peace with the world... so cute...

click here for a slide show...

little emily

A few things go through my mind when my friends have babies. The first, of course, is congratulations. The second, is it a boy or a girl? And the third is usually something like "When can I come around and take photos? I've got a few ideas I want to try out..." So for Emily I tried polka dots and those cute little spotted pilchers that I have had for ages and have had no little girls lately to put them on.

So keep an eye out for more pics of her cause I am sure there will be some more soon! If her Mum can put up with me redressing Emily about a dozen times and rearranging all her furniture.

So congratulations to the proud parents! Your daughter is gorgeous! Serious cutie pie...

Click here for a slideshow of Emily...

new business card idea?

what do you think? I guess it would get your attention. Maybe I will use for my portrait display at the Marketplace on the 2nd and 3rd of June. Portraits shoots for kids are only $10! Would you buy portraits from this zebra?

Monday, May 21, 2007

family shoot

Wow, this shoot was hard! Little Oscar was just not interested in smiling at me at all, he was much more interested in playing hide and seek, which makes it kind of hard to get a shot of his face... So what to do? Go out near the river and take a couple of my secret weapons. A funky red chair and some bubbles. Worked a treat!

thomas and kathryn's wedding

Started off at the Lawson where Kathryn and the girls were getting ready, then to St. Albans church for the ceremony, then onto the Memorial Gardens and the Civic Centre for family photos, and to find some spots to show off the red dresses that the bridesmaids were wearing. Finished up with some fun shots out the front of the RSL club before the mock cake cutting. A beautiful day with lots of smiles all around...

Click here to see the slideshow from Thomas and Kathryn's wedding...

maternity model wanted

I still need a maternity model! I had one organised but unfortunately something has come up and she is unable to do it now.

You will need a beautiful big belly that you are happy to show in public as this will not be your standard studio shoot. You will also need a couple of funky outfits to wear. You will not be charged for the shoot and I will give you your choice of prints from the shoot as well ( to about a fifty dollar value). And i would love to be able to do it over the next week or two?

The pic is by a fabulous studio called the image is found from America, and this is the type of thing i would like to do. Fun and funky!

If you are interested please let me know by emailing the link below:

EDITED TO ADD :: thanks to those models who have said yes! The spots are all filled now, but of course you can still do maternity shots whenever you like... And thanks to all those who emailed me from America... if you want to fly me over I would love it!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

photo fun on the weekend

obviously these pics werent taken by me! top one taken by captain jack at draculas, and the bottom one in a photo booth, conveniently located at the front door of the pub... it was a good night!


The road to a friends house is never long.

Danish Proverb.

Me, Kylie and Melissa ready to party at Draculas on Saturday night.

( The quote is from a book of Humanity, the complete milk collection that I got off Lissa for my birthday. Thanks Liss! )


Thanks to everybody who emailed me with birthday wishes, its much appreciated! We had a great weekend.

My recommendations for Melbourne:

dinosuar designs :: i love the funky colours and shapes of their resin pieces, my mum got me a bangle and a little pink bowl from here

draculas theatre restaurant :: the most fun you can have while eating dinner, they even put me on the big screen causes its my birthday, how embarrassing

teds camera store on elizabeth street :: i get a lot of my gear from here, i always get staff who actually know what they're talking about, they have good prices too

tgi friday restarant :: on chapel street, try the crumbed chicken salad, its delicious and the decor is interesting to look at too

borders :: a huge book store that actually has a photography section

boost :: the best smoothies anywhere

mrs fields cookies :: so yummy i get a bag of nibblers and then walk around moaning in delight until they're all gone

little arcades off bourke and collins street :: we spent an afternoon wandering around, watching lollies and chocolates being made, checking out a spell shop.... even craig didnt mind wandering around here, he seemed to think that didnt count as shopping

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

portrait special on soon

From the 19th of May to the 19th of June, kids location shoots are only $10 each, so you save yourself $50! Bargain! I have some great locations in mind that I am waiting to use, so book your shoot soon. Location shoots really need to be done in the afternoon, and usually about 3:30 is the best time to start, as its getting dark so early now.

Saturday the 19th has one openings available, and there are lots of weekday spots too.

Click here to see kids on location slideshow.

Friday, May 11, 2007


I am singing off for my weekend in Melbourne! Happy birthday to me happy birthday to meeeeee!

Wont be back till Tuesday, so I have plenty of time for shopping!
I hope everyone has a lovely weekend, full of smiles and happiness.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

why its so important to get a good photographer!

kerrie and graeme's wedding

I had a great time shooting Kerrie and Graeme's wedding, I didnt have to tell Kerrie to smile, she was just beaming all day. We had heaps of time for the shoot to I got to try a few different things. How cute are those flower girls? And Maddison was flower girl for the third time at a wedding I've shot, practically a professional!

ceremony :: st. michaels cathedral
reception :: the rules club

click here for the slideshow of graeme and kerrie's wedding!