Thursday, May 17, 2007


Thanks to everybody who emailed me with birthday wishes, its much appreciated! We had a great weekend.

My recommendations for Melbourne:

dinosuar designs :: i love the funky colours and shapes of their resin pieces, my mum got me a bangle and a little pink bowl from here

draculas theatre restaurant :: the most fun you can have while eating dinner, they even put me on the big screen causes its my birthday, how embarrassing

teds camera store on elizabeth street :: i get a lot of my gear from here, i always get staff who actually know what they're talking about, they have good prices too

tgi friday restarant :: on chapel street, try the crumbed chicken salad, its delicious and the decor is interesting to look at too

borders :: a huge book store that actually has a photography section

boost :: the best smoothies anywhere

mrs fields cookies :: so yummy i get a bag of nibblers and then walk around moaning in delight until they're all gone

little arcades off bourke and collins street :: we spent an afternoon wandering around, watching lollies and chocolates being made, checking out a spell shop.... even craig didnt mind wandering around here, he seemed to think that didnt count as shopping

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