Thursday, May 24, 2007

lets eats cake

So I have this idea in my head for a while now ( as I often do ). I wanted to get a one year old and get them to eat a cake while I got a series of shots. So this is what I got. I imagined that placing a cake laden with cream and sprinkles in front of a one year old would be an incredibly messy experience. But Mekhi had other ideas. He just dipped one finger in at a time, and then licked the cream off... bit by bit... so we had to help him get a little messy. So I found cake all down my hallway, all through the kitchen... Not sure if that was our naughty dog ( who broke in to hunt down the squeky toy ) or Mekhi's big sister. Either way, we had a lot of fun. We love eating cake!
And check out those eyelashes!

So when your little one turns one, celebrate with a cake eating contest.... I will take the photos and even clean up afterwards!

click here for da little slideshow... and have a nice day!

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