Monday, May 21, 2007

maternity model wanted

I still need a maternity model! I had one organised but unfortunately something has come up and she is unable to do it now.

You will need a beautiful big belly that you are happy to show in public as this will not be your standard studio shoot. You will also need a couple of funky outfits to wear. You will not be charged for the shoot and I will give you your choice of prints from the shoot as well ( to about a fifty dollar value). And i would love to be able to do it over the next week or two?

The pic is by a fabulous studio called the image is found from America, and this is the type of thing i would like to do. Fun and funky!

If you are interested please let me know by emailing the link below:

EDITED TO ADD :: thanks to those models who have said yes! The spots are all filled now, but of course you can still do maternity shots whenever you like... And thanks to all those who emailed me from America... if you want to fly me over I would love it!

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