Thursday, August 21, 2008

off to melbourne

Just to let you know that i will be away next week for a wedding seminar in Melbourne with the fabulous Jerry Ghionis, who is one of the best wedding photographers in the world. Hopefully I will come back fully creatively charged up for the start of the wedding season!

All emails and phone calls wont be returned till I get back. So dont miss me too much!

And heres hoping that we have some nice weather while in Melbourne.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

baby sadie

Cute. Sleepy. Sweet.


Trying to take a photo of Widget is kind of like trying to take a photo of the wind.

Monday, August 18, 2008

the madigan family

These two girls could have been shot all night, I think I will have to put their name on the list for the next season of search for a supermodel.
And this one makes me smile. You can almost hear the laughs coming out of it!

random monday post

First, this pic is from a yummy mummy maternity shoot that I did recently, other pics to follow soon.
Second, why do some country and western songs make me cry? I have been balling all afternoon. So sad... I need chocolate.
Third, Widget has decided that the best spot to have an afternoon nap is between me and the keyboard.

Friday, August 15, 2008


Lots of pink, tutus, feather boas and vintage looks. Sounds like my type of shoot!
I also love three generations of very stylish ladies, I have a photo of me when I was little, with my mum, my Nana and then my great grandmother and I treasure it. Although this one is Henrietta with her Mum and her two Nannas, so its extra special.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

new logo

Check out the blog header, thats my funky new logo, what do you think?
Trust me when I say it was a lot harder than it looks!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

slideshows are having a day off

I just noticed for some unknown reason the slide shows are missing in action. I will fix it soon!

creative shoot with kayla kourtney lara and mekhi

What do you get when you combine a photographer with four kids who love having their photo taken, a mother who says to do whatever you want, a shopping trip, a props box, an overcast afternoon and a packet of milky ways? A creative shoot thats just a bit different. But so much fun! And when we had finished outside in the cold, they wanted more! So we went to the studio and did some more. And then i had to have a little lie down...

Thanks to my absolutely fabulous models on this shoot, you guys rock!! Even if you did totally raid my wardrobe and wear my shoes... I still love you!

the madden family

I met this fab family at a wedding, and they were hungry for some more of my super shoot goodness, so we spent some time hanging out in the studio. I am totally in love with the shot of the kids on the ground laughing, this one should be a humungous print on the wall somewhere!


Sienna is four months old and an absolute sweetie pie. Dont you love the smile in that top one?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

random tuesdayness

It seems i just won a billion dollars in a random lottery email. So i am off to buy .... well, to do a lot of shopping.

Who seriously falls for these emails? They're so annoying. And people who phone up to tell me i have a free phone? Thats great, put in the post and send it out. Oh, no, you have to sign up on a contract. Well thats not free is it?

And who else is over the olympics already? Put the good tv back on please!

And what is with the cold weather. Over that too. Summer please!

Found a great new shop for kids clothes today, MooToo is down near With Pizazz, across the road from the Vic and they have great stuff to shoot your kids in, really cute outfits.

Where does the day go? A shoot, a viewing session, a trip to the bank, lunch... and its nearly four thirty already. Maybe i blanked out for a couple of hours...

I am doing up new price lists and info packs soon, so if anyone has any ideas for new products that they would like to see at SRS please let me know. I have already put calenders on the list too... and a funky new option for prints...
I think i might be addicted to hot chocolate.
Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope yours was as random as mine. But in a good way.

Monday, August 11, 2008

just a cute one

Found this from an old shoot and just wanted to share.


I admit I am a bit stressed today. Its that time of the year when I sit down and do an evaluation of what I have achieved through the past year, and what I need to do to make next year better. I usually do it around this time because its meant to be quiter for me, but that hasnt happened this year, I have tonnes of portraits to edit!

So i have been trying to come up with a new identity and i think i am alsomost there. But its taken me hours and hours and i find it so totally frustrating designing for myself. But i cant waste the three years it took me to get my graphic design degree.

So there should be a few changes happening over the next couple of weeks!

One of the first is our new studio mascot. Meet Widget. My brother rescued her from under a dumpster when she was a teeny little kitten, but couldnt keep her, so she has moved in with us and is certainly making herself at home. As my brother said she is a bit quirky, so she fits in here perfectly!

Saturday was one of my last free ones till about December, so I went garage sale shopping and got another old camera to add to my collection and another chair. Not that i need more chairs ( just more room to put them ) but i cant help buying chairs, they are my favourite prop. Ok, I actually bought three chairs... But two are for my little verandah off my bedroom so they dont count. Then I went to the farmers market and got some beautiful flowers ( which Widget keeps trying to drink from ?? ) and then I had french toast for brunch and then more shopping... such a good day!

Friday, August 08, 2008

the eigth of the eighth oh eight

Evidently this is THE big day that people wanted to get married in America. At least they might be having some warm weather. Do you like the camel pic I took in Dubai? It was very warm there.
Is anybody else over the olympics already? Or is it just me?


This gorgeous girl is four months old now and just gets cuter every time i shoot her. The bottom shot is my favourite, I can imagine this as a huge canvas on the wall. Divine.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

times three

This shoot is a present for their Dad, so if you know them dont say anything! Secret squirrel stuff. I am doing Danielles wedding in October, she's getting married on the very popular date of the long weekend. We had fun in the studio, although we had to bribe Mitchell with subway to finish the shoot... Which reminds me, I'm starving. Time for lunch!

ava and molly

I photographed Molly when she was tiny, just like Ava is now. One of the best parts of my job is beig able to see these gorgeous kids grow up.