Monday, August 11, 2008


I admit I am a bit stressed today. Its that time of the year when I sit down and do an evaluation of what I have achieved through the past year, and what I need to do to make next year better. I usually do it around this time because its meant to be quiter for me, but that hasnt happened this year, I have tonnes of portraits to edit!

So i have been trying to come up with a new identity and i think i am alsomost there. But its taken me hours and hours and i find it so totally frustrating designing for myself. But i cant waste the three years it took me to get my graphic design degree.

So there should be a few changes happening over the next couple of weeks!

One of the first is our new studio mascot. Meet Widget. My brother rescued her from under a dumpster when she was a teeny little kitten, but couldnt keep her, so she has moved in with us and is certainly making herself at home. As my brother said she is a bit quirky, so she fits in here perfectly!

Saturday was one of my last free ones till about December, so I went garage sale shopping and got another old camera to add to my collection and another chair. Not that i need more chairs ( just more room to put them ) but i cant help buying chairs, they are my favourite prop. Ok, I actually bought three chairs... But two are for my little verandah off my bedroom so they dont count. Then I went to the farmers market and got some beautiful flowers ( which Widget keeps trying to drink from ?? ) and then I had french toast for brunch and then more shopping... such a good day!

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