Tuesday, August 12, 2008

random tuesdayness

It seems i just won a billion dollars in a random lottery email. So i am off to buy .... well, to do a lot of shopping.

Who seriously falls for these emails? They're so annoying. And people who phone up to tell me i have a free phone? Thats great, put in the post and send it out. Oh, no, you have to sign up on a contract. Well thats not free is it?

And who else is over the olympics already? Put the good tv back on please!

And what is with the cold weather. Over that too. Summer please!

Found a great new shop for kids clothes today, MooToo is down near With Pizazz, across the road from the Vic and they have great stuff to shoot your kids in, really cute outfits.

Where does the day go? A shoot, a viewing session, a trip to the bank, lunch... and its nearly four thirty already. Maybe i blanked out for a couple of hours...

I am doing up new price lists and info packs soon, so if anyone has any ideas for new products that they would like to see at SRS please let me know. I have already put calenders on the list too... and a funky new option for prints...
I think i might be addicted to hot chocolate.
Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope yours was as random as mine. But in a good way.

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