Tuesday, May 22, 2007

little emily

A few things go through my mind when my friends have babies. The first, of course, is congratulations. The second, is it a boy or a girl? And the third is usually something like "When can I come around and take photos? I've got a few ideas I want to try out..." So for Emily I tried polka dots and those cute little spotted pilchers that I have had for ages and have had no little girls lately to put them on.

So keep an eye out for more pics of her cause I am sure there will be some more soon! If her Mum can put up with me redressing Emily about a dozen times and rearranging all her furniture.

So congratulations to the proud parents! Your daughter is gorgeous! Serious cutie pie...

Click here for a slideshow of Emily...


  1. Anonymous4:14 PM

    Yes,she is very cute. She must get that from one of her uncles. lol

  2. Why do I get the feeling that maybe one of Emily's uncles posted that comment? But at least we agree that she's cute...

  3. Michelle Turner9:28 AM

    A very proud Aunty Vanessa told me to have a look at these pictures and am sure glad I did. Congrats to Mum & Dad on a gorgeous little girl. Emily reminds me of her mum when she was little they have the same eyes.

    From Michelle up in QLD!!