Tuesday, May 29, 2007

a little bit about me

I like to drink... Iced tea, a habit I picked up in Thailand. I don't drink coffe but am totally addicted to chai tea from McDonalds ( and i also love a good hot chocolate ).

Things you will find on my desk... apart from a really big mess? Lots of funky pens ( I am a bit addicted to stationery, I can't walk past shops like kikki k or smiggle or that cool paper shop in canberra centre... must... go .... in..... ) and a note pad or two and a pack of pick pockets by jerry ghionis.

I am listening to... i tunes is set to random, so it could be anything... at the moment its sarah buxton.

Something I cant live without... lip gloss in a lot of flavours and colours, some in the car, in my hand bag, in my desk drawer, in my camera bag, in my walk in robe...

When I win lotto I will buy... I will so go shopping. First a new car, maybe a Monaro and a Torana, then a scooter ( pale blue retro style I saw one in Melbourne and totally fell in love with it ), fifty acres and an arabian horse, rescue a horse or two, get a shoot sac by jessica claire, enrol in a work shop by jessica claire and jerry ghionis, get a whole new wardrobe, donate a chunk to the RSPCA and then, when I just cant shop anymore, travel the world. And invest! So I can shoot for the love of it... And get some better photos taken of me....

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