Wednesday, January 25, 2012

will { on location }

There are some photographers who dont like props. But i love my props. But it has to be the right props. I remember a couple of years ago i was given a photo of my niece as a gift. It was a baby in the mall type shot, and she was laying on half a dozen rolled up towels, with a black backdrop. There is not much about a bunch of towels i find pretty. Needless to say the photo I took of her some years later is the one framed in my house!

I had been meaning to make a tee-pee for ages, and when Will was booked in I knew he would be perfect for it. So i stayed up all night sewing it!

Will was a rockstar on the day, we would start singing "old macdonald had a farm" and he would yell out "DUCCKKKKKK!!". Maybe you had to be there. It was funny. I tried to get him to pull the red wagon but he thought it was much better if he sat in and i pulled him around instead.

And heres a flashback of one of Wills earlier sessions. Cute huh?

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