Monday, March 24, 2008

alex and isabelle

These top two were from Isabelle's first session a while ago, which was a surprise for her Mum.
Since then Isabelle has got a little brother, Alex, who is a bit cute.
Check out those lovely eyes and that adorable smile!

I grabbed this last one as the family was about to head out the door, shoes on, all ready to go.
I just thought the hat was so cute on her, and it matched her pretty shirt.

(And a big hello to Pip and Scott, who I know will be checking the blog to see the pics! )

Click play to get the slideshow started, and click the little square on the right hand side to ge to the gallery view. To order you need to view the pics individually and use number with your name in front of it. This is a lot of pics so it may take a while to load. Happy viewing!


  1. Skye they are truly gorgeous pics! What a spunky family. We love your work, Scotty and Pip xo

  2. Thanks Scotty and Pip! You rock.