Friday, November 30, 2007

calling all orders!

Today is the last day of November...
which means all your orders
have to be in in five days.
Thats the last day!

So I have posted three shoots today and hope to get two more up tonight ( who wants to go out on a Friday night anyway? ) and I will be editing all day tomorrow as well to get everybody done before next Wednesday.

If you have an appointment scheduled next week, please PLEASE dont forget as we dont have any more left to fit you in. We is full!

Still to blog two engagement sessions, three weddings and at least four more shoots... I think thats it. ( Plus there was a sexy shoot that I did but cant blog ) So if I work flat out non-stop for thirteen hours every day between now and Wednesday I should have enough time to get it all done...
But i did promise my almost mother-in-law i would go to christmas on main with her on sunday... So I better get out of bed even earlier tomorrow.
I miss sleeping in.

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