Wednesday, November 28, 2007

the wedding of allira and lucas

This was a great wedding. I loved Allliras Mums place. The only drawback was the rain, which started just as we finishded the family photos and didnt stop for two days. It was good rain, it just meant we had to be a bit more creative with our choice of location, especially since there was a line up for the standard wet weather spot that day.

Secretly I think Allira knew it was going to rain, she had given me the family shot list with her wet weather locations on the bottom of the page.
The shot below is on the verandah at Alliras parents house. Check out that rain coming down. Then a big boom of thunder came and I ran back inside. Time for plan B.

I was really impressed with Allira and Lucas on the day, they didnt let the rain phase them even a little bit. Allira even wanted to get the umbrella and go out in the rain at the magpies nest, and I'm glad she did because we got some great shots.
Just grabbed this shot as I was leaving Magpies Next. Yup, I took this in the rain.

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