Saturday, October 20, 2012

almost done

One more week of work to go... if i make it that far. Lets be honest. The past week has been tough, and I just imagine it getting tougher. I am at 29 weeks along now, so its way too early for these bubs to make their entrance into the world, and if i dont take it easy i think they might try to make an early appearance. Its so hard to wind the studio down, but i have to put these babies first. My clients are all mums, they understand. Mums are amazing. It surprises me the strength they can have sometimes. When I ask " how do you cope?" they all say " you just do". We dont know the strength we have until we need it most. And of course chocolate always helps.

At this stage I havent put a return date on going back to work, I might have six months or two years off. I already know I will miss it like crazy, but im pretty sure that when these twins are born, and with jade being her usual hurricane self, I dont think there will be much time for anything else.

Of course I will be posting photos of the babies once I can.

A great big thank you to all the amazing clients I have had over the years, it breaks my heart that so many of you are having babies next year and i wont be able to photograph them. One of my clients is up to her fifth baby and I have photographed the other four... ahhh! But i need to be a mum for a while. I seem to get the most amazing clients and I will miss the stories about your kids, the advice and the ideas on the best places to shop for cute dresses for Jade.

Love to you all.

photographer and mum.

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