Thursday, September 27, 2012

8x10 mounted prints are on sale!

I have seven boxed sets of mounted 8x10" images that i would love to sell before i go on maternity leave, so I'm having a sale! They are stored in what will be the twins nursery, so i need the room.

Normally a set of these sells for $490 but I am discounting them down to $350, for the set of ten, thats only $35 each, the same price as a 5x7" print. You dont have to order the same photo, you can have ten different shots, or from different sessions but your order must be received before the 20th of October. And i only have seven boxes. Great idea for Christmas presents, each mount will fit into an 11x14" frame, so they are perfect as gifts.

I have also had clients get them professionally framed and then hang them all together as a beautiful gallery, which looks stunning.

Im also selling my display prints so I can actually get some space to put some images of my own babies on the walls, if you know I have any display images of your kids or your family they will sell for a third of their normal price. Swing me an email if you are interested!

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