Tuesday, November 04, 2008

closed friday the 7th to monday

Lisa n Shaun are getting married!

So... this weekend I get to be bridesmaid. Yup, I will be made to traipse through paddocks full of cow poo, climb cattle grids, walk for miles and still keep smiling while wearing three inch heels. While somebody takes my photo. Ok, there wont be any cow poo cause its on the beach in sydney, but there will be a limo and cocktails. And two of my best friends will tie the know after more than eleven years together. I bet I'm gonna cry. I will be taking my camera ( of course ) but i wont shoot at the wedding when the professional photographer is shooting cause I hate it when people do that to me! So hopefully i will be able to post some pics. i know lisa and shaun are getting a photo booth and i cant wait to jump in that and go silly...

I think shaun should wear cons to his wedding...??

So will be back in the office on Tuesday. Arghhhh!! I dont need to take time off right now, but its my best friends weddign so how could i say no? We are getting soooo close to not being able to fit anyone else in to get their pics back in time for Christmas, and as it is everyone has a three week wait while i get all this work done.

ok... back to editing.... sigh.... while everyone else i know is at the races..... sigh... big sigh.... now i need chocolate... more sighing...

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