Friday, November 28, 2008

stick a fork in me

Ok, thats me done. I am totally, completely and utterly booked out for 2008.


I am so sorry to anyone who wants to book, but I really want to keep my service standards really high and keep all my existing customers super duper happy and i think if i take any more booking I wont be able to do that.

We will start taking bookings for Januray 2009 after the 12th. We are on a much needed holiday until then.

I have a million portrait shoots to edit, portraits, boudoir, weddings... Wedding albums to design, changes to album to make, thank you cards to design, story book albums to design, orders to do.

Yesterday alone I went to the couriers, the canvas company, the post office, the printers, the framers and took the dog to the vet. Plus I got my nails done, booked two weddings, had clients pick up their prints and do some album changes. I did forget to have dinner though. Oops.

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