Monday, November 11, 2013

briar { eleven months old }

Miss Briar, such a cutie pie. Her mum and I were doing a shoot for Briar's older sister  and at one point she looked at me and said something like "I'm sorry if I'm a bit off today. Im pregnant" and i was sitting on the floor of the studio feeling very sick for exactly the same reason! Miss Briar was born just one day before the twins and they hung out in the nursery together. I think we're both still in denial that our babies are nearly one year old already.

The little dolly in the photos is for her first birthday, and she got a sneak peek at her photo shoot. Her face just lit up, it was the sweetest thing! It also helped to break her out of her tanty, but I saved that photo for my facebook page.

( Im still on maternity leave, the blog was just feeling so neglected I had to post some pretty pictures )

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