Wednesday, June 13, 2007

yummy mummy

This is Yasmin, my first maternity model. I have BIG plans for some great maternity packages coming up soon. So I needed some great shots to put my promo stuff together. Yasmin was an absolute trooper the whole time, we did a heap of shots and it wasnt particularly warm either!


  1. Bianca Wyatt11:01 AM

    I have grown up with Yazz & i must say these pix are fantastic.

  2. Thank you! I dont think that she has any idea how gorgeous she is.

  3. Gai Revell1:41 PM

    Yasmin looks fantastic. You did a great job. She takes a great photo and is blooming.

  4. Thanks! Cant wait to see the new bub, I know he or she will be totally high in the cute factor.