Wednesday, September 03, 2008

the jerry ghionis workshop

I have been getting lots of people asking about the workshop that I went to in Melbourne last week, so I thought I better post some of the pics that I took. I stayed at a motel in Docklands, right next to Telstra Dome for a week, and then did the seminar all day... and most nights! It was very full on. Inspring. It was... well, its hard to explain. It kind of shook everything up, broke it and then put it all back together again, with a huge to-do list stuck to the top of it. If that makes any sense...? But it was fantastic. I loved watching how Jerry worked, how he sees light, how he poses people, how he directs... the man has a knack! The other photographers in the work shop were fantastic. The models did an awesome job, especially since they had twenty photographers shooting them and it was freezing... I was numb and I was wearing layers and they were in wedding dresses. So big hugs to them! So lets just say there is going to be some changes at Rocket Headquarters. And at some other studios I think too... Cant wait to see what comes out. Its exciting but terrifying at the same time.

But anyway... the pictures! I cant really take credit for most of these as I shot them straight over Jerrys shoulder. Except the first two and a couple of others...

So its eleven o'clock now so I really have to go bed. yawn... huge day tomorrow, then away for four days, then back for a couple, then away again and then its wedding season.

Docklands at night it pretty and cold. Very cold...

My shot from the first day of shooting.
This one cracks me up. This is Olivia, one of the models, getting camera lessons.

I dont know why but I really like this shot. Arty abstract? Walking back from shooting, hence the canon lens slung over the shoulder.
Just mucking around on the way back.


  1. Hi Skye, those night time pictures from the Docklands are awersome and of course the other pics are just fabulous, you just too good.

  2. I loooooove that first shot! I think its just superb! You've checked all 5! WOOHOO!!

  3. Thanks Agnes. I can take credit for that one cause that was on my own little five minute shoot.

  4. Anonymous5:01 AM

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