Monday, September 15, 2008

cheyenne { one year old }

It was a bit bittersweet shooting Cheyenne this time, as this was her one year old shoot so I probably wont see her again until she's two... I'm going to miss her!

What i love about shooting Cheyenne, apart from the obvious, like how cute she is, and how cute her smile is, and she is just a sweetie, but apart from that is her mum. Kylee turns up with a suitcase full of cute clothes, and tells me i can choose whatever I want, she lets me run with all my crazy ideas for shoots and has great ideas of her own, lets me shoot whereever I want, but mostly she is such a great singer and dancer that i should consider hiring her to make all the kids laugh!

For this shoot we even talked Bianca into getting in front of the camera. And that took some sweet talking! And some more singing and dancing...

Hope you love these pics as much as i do!


  1. kylee6:19 PM

    beautiful photos i love them....

  2. Thanks Kylee! I am totally loving the fourth one down of cheyenne and the first one of bianca. I think i can see some new display prints coming up...