Monday, September 29, 2008

trash the dress

Today i took a trip down to Victoria to do a trash the dress session. And I have two more on Sunday. ( yes i know its a long weekend but this was too good to pass up! ). So i will be posting pics from today soon, but in the mean time i found this article that i think sums it up pretty well, so click this link to check it out.

I am so excited!!!!!

Its not about destroying the dress, just about getting beautiful shots and not being worried if it gets a little dirty. Dont want to wear your wedding dress? What about that bridesmaid dress thats in the back of the closet? Or a bargain ebay dress? Or a formal gown that you would love to see rolled around in the dirt? Add some sexy heels and go full on fashion.

What about trashing that formal dress? Actually I might even do that one myself!

What about celebrating your vow renewal or anniversary?

And does anyone have an abandoned house and a couple of dozen wrecked cars that i can shoot with? Or know where one is?

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