Saturday, December 13, 2008

the eden girls

What do you get when you combine one photographer aunty, three willing and very beautiful girls and a couple of hours one afternoon? A photo shoot with stripy socks. Because the aunty gets to do all the styling and thought that stripy socks would be really cool. Of course with my incredible styling talent I forgot about shoes... oops. But Kayla had her mismatched green and black thongs, which I promised I would post here.

And it was great to do some outdoor shooting as I have shot so many in the studio lately.

Lara had me absolutely laughing myself silly. She was doing her version of a gorilla walk, instead of a cat walk. Get it? Cat walk? Hilarious. I love my nieces! Unfortunately we had to go to dinner and ran out of time, but I am sure I can bribe them to do another shoot for me on the school holidays. We have some fab spots already picked out.

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