Sunday, December 14, 2008

ten days till christmas

Only ten days to go! Are you serious? I need at least another three weeks please! I havent done any christmas shopping and the crowds this weekend were awful... But I did manage to put the tree up on Sunday, cause I am back to having Sundays off. Last weekend I had saturday and sunday off - but only cause someone had to cancel their portrait shoot cause they were sick.

Did i mention how much i am looking forward to my holidays? I love all my lovely clients but i really need a holiday right now. I am hoping for a secluded shack on the beach, with no phone, no internet, warm weather, good food... sigh... bliss....

My "skye rocket" christmas wish list:
  1. Wouldnt it be nice if one of those TV shows came in and made over my office? So it was totally functional and super duper stylish. Instead of Backyard Blitz it would be Small Office Blitz. Although they could do my backyard too...

  2. I would love santa to get me the new 5D II and the 80mm lens. Pretty pretty please?

  3. I would love some new props for the studio and a really funky old lounge that i can put in the middle of a paddock and shoot on.

  4. a big fat new shiny mac with all the trimmings.

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