Friday, April 04, 2008

dust and knots

How about that dust storm the other day? I was doing a walk through at Brucedale Chapel for my wedding tomorrow and I kept saying lets go get your dress and do the shoot now, this light is fabulous! So I finished up and came back to the studio and sat at the computer and thought "What am i doing? This light is never to be repeated! " So i grabbed my gear and headed out of town to where I had seen this tree in a paddock. Of course, in the midst of the dust storm, with the wind blowing so hard it moved me forward three steps, I was out taking photos! My poor car was so filthy, but there was a huge line up at all the car washes all day, so it finally got done at about half nine last night! Wish i had shares in a car wash at the moment. Even my poor camera was covered in dirt. And my hair was so dirty and knotty! I have lots more shots to share but have to go and do a wedding album for Katie and Fred.

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