Tuesday, April 22, 2008

the wedding of jodi and grant

Jodi and Grant had a great engagement session, so we knew their photos were going to be great. And they are just nice people too! We actually did the walk through the day of the dust storm, so all of our locations looked a bit different on the day of the wedding. The ceremony was at Brucedale Chapel, and a first for me was having Jodi and Grants dog as part of the bridal party in the church.

Dogs are family you know. Then we had a great mix of locations with some beautiful big trees, dirt roads and then the court house, finishing up with the bridal party in the main street. In the middle of the road, with the EH cars parked behind them.

Once we finished trying to break the record for the most number of cars to honk, we headed off to the Turf Club for some interesting dance moves from the bridal party on arrival. Love a dramatic entrance!

I stayed till ten at Jodi and Grants wedding and did a slideshow of some of the pics we took during the day. The entertainment was fab, the dance floor was going full throttle and the competition for the garter and bouquet were fierce.

WARNING : this second slideshow is full of serious adult partying and should not be viewed by the faint hearted!

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