Monday, April 07, 2008

album orders need to be in NOW

So I'm sitting here, putting an order together, eating some yummy choccies from Jodi and Grants wedding on Saturday, and I was wondering how many days till i went overseas. And its only 42! Woo hoo!

However, this means we are now on a deadline for ordering. Any albums that you want back before i hit the kasbah need to be in THIS WEEK. Prints should be ordered by the first week in May at the latest, and prints for mothers day need to be ordered the last week in April. Dont forget to allow extra time if you need framing done for Mothers Day. Also my birthday is on the 13th of May, so i wont be working that day... i will be eating cake and packing my bags!

So... my trip! We head to Dubai, then Morocco, Spain, Portugal and London for a stopover on the way home. I am so excited! I am going to take a zillion photos. I will try to blog a bit while i am away.

And i get to ride a camel in the desert. How cool is that? I rode an elephant in asia... My next one will have to be a donkey in South America...

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