Sunday, May 04, 2008

random sunday blog post

Some shots I took on our trip in Asia in 2006.

I just dragged my back pack out of the cupboard, shook all the crap out of it and put it out in the sun to air out. Pulled out some of the million little bits n pieces i need to pack. Ear plugs, the case for the plane tickets, travel towels, blow up pillows... i am so excited! I want to go nooooooowwwwwww... There is something about a huge back pack that just says adventure, travel and a desire to see the world. There is such a beautiful world out there to photograph!

And what does one pack to wear in spain? Thats the big question on my mind right now. And will i lose my pandora bracelet if if take it? And how much memory do i have for my camera... and about a million others questions keep bouncing around in my head.

I'm trying to get some editing done today, so hopefully Nichole and Davids wedding will be up on the blog soon. Then another four or so weddings to edit, a couple of portraits shoots and at least three story book albums left to design and I am in the clear for departure. Hence the reason for working on Sunday. And thats not even counting the shoots i havent done yet!
So off I go, i have to wash my travel towels and make sure craig doesnt put concrete dust all over my back pack...

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