Monday, May 05, 2008

the wedding of nichole and david

Nichole and David had both the ceremony and reception at Roseleigh Manor, and I'm noticing a lot more weddings are starting to do that. We were worried about losing the light, and just scraped it in with some beautiful soft light as the sun went down.

I had the fabulous Natalie Bailey second shoot with me for this wedding, the first time I have had an assistant at a wedding. Great to have someone to bounce ideas off, and to get the ladder when I need it! Thanks Nat! I love this candid shot she got while I was setting up for the group shot. Love bubbles at a wedding ( seeing as you usually cant have confetti ).
Unfortunately she also shot me... with the 'squnting-through-the-camera' expression I bet I always wear. Bit squished here cause had to shoot around that humungous tripod. I need to buy a new watch. A sexy black one... Mental note to look while overseas for new watch.

But I got even and shot Nat back in return. Shes the one standing. With the Nikon planted firmly to her face. She shot a couple of other ones of me... but I'm not showing any of them!

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