Saturday, May 17, 2008

four days till lift off!

Wow! I cant believe that this time next week I will be sandboarding in the desert in Dubai. No more cold weather for me! Yipee! I hate the cold.

So went to see Kasey Chambers at the civic theatre last night and it was fabulous. I know she is an aquired taste, and she even said that herself. But the show was great, she had her Dad and her husband playing and singing as well, and it was all acoustic. Loved it, bought the CD... Great night out, and i really needed a night off. I know, I'm about to have five weeks off, but i have worked non-stop for what feels like months.... wait, it is months... trying to get everyones stuff done before I leave on a jet plane, and i still think i'm going to run out of time... Arghhhhh!

I bought a little compact camera to take with me, mainly for Craig to use, something I can keep in my pocket for happy snappies. The pic above are taken with it. I find them so weird to use.
The biggest question on my mind is still " What do i wear? " closely followed by " What do I pack? " and then " Have i done everything i was supposed to do? ".

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  1. Anonymous8:30 AM

    Hey there skye pilot, how does it feel to have someone take your photo, hang on...i bet you set up the shot and did a few test shots first didn't you. then you checked to see if craigs work was good enough to put up on your site. actually now i think about it, you probably just used the timer. cant wait to see you guys before you go, and i know you both deserve some time off. cant wait to show you the photos from our trip. i think i took nearly as many as you !!