Wednesday, May 28, 2008

greetings from morocco

University mosque in Fes. About 1300 ad.
View over the medina which was built in 808 and the tannery.

Hello. I am trying to type this on a french arabic keyboard so please excuse any typos.

We are currently in Fes in Morocco and its finally stopped raining.

We started our trip off in Dubai with an awesome 4WD trip in the desert. We had a traditional dinner under the stars.

Started our Morocco trip in Casablanca, but the pics above are from our stay in Fes. We had a local guide show us the medina ( the old city markets) and it was amazing. Its a labrynith of tiny lanes and closet sized shops.

Bought some fabulous leather from the tannery. Today we are going to the spa and are attempting to negotiate the medina on our own. Getting lost is all part of the experience.

The pics are from craigs snap shooter camera; I have so many photos to show when i get back.

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