Monday, May 12, 2008

cheyenne at eight months old

We used this "love" sign for her mums maternity shoot,
so thought it would be a nice touch to incorporate it into this shoot.

This little crochet top used to be worn by Cheyenne's mum, and it was made by her mum.
How cool is that?

Another delightful shoot with my model baby. Its probaly lucky she doesnt live in Wagga, or she would get shot every week! I should probably apoligise to her mum too... shes never going to be able to choose! Can you possibly get any cuter???? I even managed to talk her big cousin ito getting a shot.

So I'm gonna put the slide show up and then go to bed, cause its eleven and I have no cookies left to sustain me any longer. I had to have yoghurt instead. Vine passionfruit flavoured.

As opposed to passionfruit that doesnt grow on vines???

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  1. kylee xo8:58 PM

    Wow who owns this baby she is gorgeous.... love the photos.... great job