Monday, December 14, 2009

joanne's maternity shoot

We braved the heat, the river and a couple of kilometres worth of trekking to get these shots. Just because you are pregnant doesnt mean you get an easy shoot!

Jo was amazing and took all my directions and ideas like a professional, even up the point where i asked her to go way out in the river. Topless. But they turned out to be some of my favourite shots.

I love these images, the connection to nature, its such a beautiful reminder of this time in your life.

{ Jo, thanks for trusting me to caputure these images for you, and big thanks to Kylee & Bonnie who were fabulous assistants on the day. And for throwing thongs and making me laugh myself silly! }


  1. kylee xo6:35 PM

    oh how beautiful i just love them and cant wait to see them all, they are wonderful skye... great job... and you did have great assistants didnt you... lol

  2. Anonymous9:56 PM

    I love love love them Skye! I want to buy them all! Thankyou for a great afternoon, and yes, Kylee and Bonnie made me laugh also! I can still see that thong fly past me in th river!

  3. It still makes me laugh now!

  4. Anonymous2:52 PM

    Hey Skye, Got my pics in the mail today, and they are fantastic! All i need to do now is decide which ones to frame! Mmmm.... Decisions, decisions!


  5. Anonymous4:36 AM

    Hey Skye
    On 16/02/2010 we welcomed into the world Mya Kaye Sutton. She is an absolute princess, and I wish you were in Adelaide to take some amazing photo's, but will have to settle for next time we are in wagga! Will keep you updated!