Tuesday, December 01, 2009

random tuesday

I havent done a random post in a while so i figured this was a good time to update on the happenings here at the Rocket Ranch.

  1. Dont forget the cut off order date! Its set for Friday, but as i am actually away Friday the order wont go till monday. so you have two extra days to get those orders in!
  2. cut off dates for ordering albums is already gone
  3. you still have time to order christmas cards if you do it this week
  4. we are booked to capacity for this year, and have a waiting list for next year. the 2010 diary will be open soon, i jsut have to finalise a few things first.
  5. there will be a price change next year, we are going to introduce some new products and some packages as well.
  6. my mum was admitted to hospital at 4am this morning so i am running on sugar alone today, and a few edits are running a bit behind. nothing serious though.
  7. my engagement party is this weekend. i havent organised a thing.
  8. i am really feeling a need to go prop shopping.
  9. i am trying to find time to get a new web site up and running for next year.
  10. i am really really REALLY looking forward to some time off over christmas

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