Monday, February 16, 2009


I didnt think it was possible for Sadie to get any cuter, but she did. Isnt she gorgeous? Her mum bought the prettiest things for her shoot, all the things I love. And it kicked my clucky up another notch. I have started asking Craig when he is going to be ready for babies. Scary!


  1. kylee xo8:15 PM

    wow what a cutie pie she is a natural... mmmm baby talk so is Craig still around??? lol

  2. hi kylee! actually craig is in gundagai for a couple of days... do you think i scared him?? ha ha..

  3. kylee xo1:17 PM

    hehe... well if he doesn't come home you know why... lol oh by the way we r moving back to wagga... YAY