Tuesday, February 03, 2009

random tuesday

I havent done a random post in a while so thought it was time. This is where I just spill all those random thoughts that have been bouncing around in my head.

I knocked off early and went to the river to catch up with my gorgeous nieces and nephew. Took Bear along to try and get him used the the water, he's still a bit unsure bout the whole thing. I floated down from the rocks with Kourtney, and am now suffering the consequences. I suggest not walking up there in wet shorts!

Next week is Friday the 13th and for some reason I am being silly superstitious and dont want to shoot on that date! Which is silly cause my birthdate is the 13th.

When does all the good tv start back up? Anyone else over the tennis? I went to the movies and watched Slumdog Millionaire over the weekend, which I thought was good. Watched In Bruges on DVD and thought it was awful. I ended up watching the last half in fast forward just so I could see what happened and it wasnt worth it. I want to go and see Bride Wars this week.

I passed my motorbike licence! The first bit anyway, I still have to do the L test at the RTA to actually be able to ride on the road. I was going shopping to look at buying a bike next week but I think we have decided to do another trip overseas instead, so that will be taking all my money instead. I am so excited I have practically started packing my bag already. And we dont go till June.

When the weather gets nice I am thinking of doing a big special for all location shoots so keep an eye on the blog for that post. And dont forget gift vouchers for Valentines Day! The window display at Lilly Lane Framers will be getting changed over soon. If you have had a couple shoot with me recently watch the window display as you might be featured!

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