Sunday, February 01, 2009

kustom nats

Over the holidays we took trip down to the fabulous city of Melbourne to catch up with my besties, Melissa and Kylie. On the Sunday we took a road trip down to Phillip Island to see the Kustom Nats. So of course I had to take my camera along. I did some crazy processing on some of these but i think it suits the style of the cars. I love the guy on the right in the black and white one above. He's like "what are you doing laying on the ground? you look like an idiot" and I'm like " buddy, can you get out of my shot?" Its so hard to get shots at car shows without zillions of people in them. We did a few laps around the track with some cool cars, cruising in Marty's chevy. Had soooo much fun!
I know : not a great shot. But i totally love this colour.But I think this is the colour I'll paint the EH. With mabye a smidge of gold in it, to match the interior. What do you think?

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