Saturday, February 28, 2009

happy anniversary!

I just realised we have been in the new studio for two years today. Its gone so fast! There are still a few bits and pieces around here that need finishing off. I might have to write craig a list! A builders house is never done.

So happy anniversary Jack!

( We're in Jack Avenue, so we call the house Jack. When we drive down the road and see it we always say "hello jack". Is that weird? )
I also really need to take some more photos of the front of the studio now thats is nearly finished. We planted an olive tree in the front garden. The kangaroo paw doesnt seem to mind the heat, but we lost most of the cordylines and the mondo grass. What the heat didnt kill the dog ate. I am so not a gardener. I can barely grow cactus.

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  1. kylee xo11:42 AM

    happy anniversary jack... hehe