Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Jessica Claire Photography Blog

Jessica Claire Photography Blog

So here I am, draggin myself into work this morning, and of course I have to check a couple of my favourite photographers blogs to see what they have been up to. Those of you who are regular readers will know that I recently went to a seminar with Yervant in Melbourne, and I had Nic and Sally from Xsight ( also in Melbs ) to sign off on my AIPP application. So I am checking Jessica Claires blog this morning and who has she posted a shot with? Jerry from Xsight and Yervant. So now you know why Jerry is holding a [B]ecker shirt that says [B]xsighted. Do you get it? This is at WPPI and I so want to go next year! Its the biggest photography event on the planet....

Click the link above to visit the fabulous Jessica Claire's site and check out her shootsac... I think I will be giving my credit card a work out soon.

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