Monday, November 09, 2009


So it took me about five hours to get a 2010 diary. I know. Ridiculous. Today was the second attempt at finding the perfect diary. Just like the one i had last year. So today i got one, not what i wanted but it will have to do. So i know i'm fussy, i think its my graphic designer coming out in me. I want it to do certain things and i want it to do them well. So after five newsagents and various other shops i have the new diary. So the point of all this waffling is that the diay for 2010 will soon be open for portraits.

We will be closed till the 12th of January for a much needed holiday. I will start posting the portrait dates once i get a chance to put all the weddings etc in the new diary. At least i got a pretty pink one!

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