Thursday, March 18, 2010

mandy { in the river }

Ask any photographer and they will tell you they have creative ideas bouncing around in their head. Creative little things that beg to be let out and bought to life. This shoot was one of those
( and how i love mandy for doing it! ).

Inspiration comes from a lot of different sources, and the idea for this one came from a reality TV show years ago. It stuck in my head. And i am so happy with it now its done!

Thanks Mandy for being such a fantastic model, and thanks to your fabulous husband who stood in the river in the rain, holding an umbrella with one hand, making sure the ladder i was standing on didnt fall over, and occasionaly holding my camera too...

1 comment:

  1. kylee xo12:23 PM

    love the second pic it's awesome.... and i can so imagine you standing on a ladder taking the pics... would of been a great photo in its self....