Friday, July 09, 2010

random friday

Ok Friday, lets get random. These are things bouncing around here at the Rocket Ranch.

  1. Digital files on disc. It seems like every second person is now asking for them. I dont supply files on disc. Yet. I will start doing it soon but i need some time to sit down and think about how i want to do it. Keep an eye on the blog for details. Its not something i want to do, but clients want it. And i want to keep my clients happy campers. I'm just worried about quality control.
  2. Big changes coming up around here. We are changing direction a bit in the very near future! I just need to wait and get a few things squared away before its all official.
  3. i am over winter already. somebody please call summer and tell it to hurry up.
  4. We are still booking out a fair ways in advance. If you would like a newborn session, please please let me know your due date. Otherwise you might miss out. We are taking portrait bookings now for late August.
  5. When the weather warms up i hope everyone books a session outside. I need some colour in my life!
  6. The local council is ripping up trees everywhere and making an awful mess. Most of my favourite spots are now destroyed. I am hoping they have a really REALLY good reason for ripping up perfectly good trees and making my life difficult.
  7. Did i mention i was over winter? i think i did... next...
  8. I have a day put aside soon to get systems all organised and in place, which will hopefully get me all organised for the christmas mayhem. Some time to work on the business instead of in it.
  9. I liked the new A-Team movie.
  10. i am sure that hot chocolate is one of the main food groups. positive
  11. The story behind the images above. What does a photographer do on a Saturday night, after seeing a movie. Driving home in the fog. She sees the light. And gets her camera. And begs her fiancee to stand on a roundabout in the dark, in the fog, in the middle of the night. On a Saturday. Wearing a big black coat. And its amazing how much traffic there is on a foggy Saturday night. People were lapping around the roundabout yelling encouragement.

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