Friday, August 27, 2010

favourites on fridays

Some of my current favourite things:

1. Fresh juice by Golden Circle that i recently discovered at the supermarket. Sooo yummy and a serve of fruit and vegies in every glass. For someone who spends half their life eating chocolate, thats a really good thing.

2. Things that smell good. Recently i bought a melt burner ( is that the technical name? ) Kind of like an oil burner but it melts soy things that smell nice. So i have mango, lime and one that smells like relaxation. Which is nice.

3. The Body Shop. Whenever i go to sydney i stock up. Smells fabulous and has fair trade products and environmentally friendly packaging too. The papaya lip gloss is a current favourite.

4. Weekends off. I think this is my last one. Two days off in a row... thats special! Craig is away so I am planning on doing really exciting things like cleaning out my kitched cupboards. Weddings start next weekend and i wont get time till my christmas holidays to do stuff like that. If i get creative i might try and do some sewing too. And painting.

5. Friendly sales assistants. Really, they can just make your day.

Ok so Friday Favourites is probably a bit silly and i dont know if i will keep doing it, but i think that it gets you looking for things to be happy about, and that leads to finding things that make you happy. and then you are happier. and we love happy. its a favourite!!

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