Monday, January 17, 2011

welcome back!

Wow, its 2011 already and the first month is three quarters done.

Thank you for all the wonderful emails i have had about my pregnancy. So far its all going well, and i am trying to keep those thoughts about all the things that can go wrong out of my head. My fingers are swelled up which seems to be making it a bit trickier to type than usual, but apart from that I'm feeling pretty good.

The whole journey of pregnancy... what a learning curve. There are so many things i understand about women now that never quite made sense before. I know that its not always an easy journey, i have heard many stories from clients and from friends, many of them heartbreaking. I now have my own stories to add to theirs. But women are just amazing. Not just the fact that we can make something so beautiful with our bodies, but the fact that we can have our hearts broken, and that we are strong enough to make the decision to stand up and maybe get it broken all over again.

Time to get down off my high horse now, because i think i might have overbooked myself for the first week back, but i had so many little babies that were born over christmas that i had to book in. They just grow up so fast, and are changing every day.

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  1. beautifully said!

    and then when you're a mum, a whole other learning curve begins!

    all the best skye. i look forward to you sharing more beautiful work with us this year xx