Thursday, June 02, 2011

welcome to the world little jade

Introducing Jade Leeanne Keogh, born on the 16th of May at 5:21am, weighing 6lb 2oz.

Jade's due date is the 22nd of June, so she was in a hurry to get into the world and arrived over five weeks early. Her early arrival meant her lungs werent fully developed so she was rushed to the intensive care unit at Canberra Hospital. By the time Jade was eight days old, she had been in a helicopter, an ambulance, a plane, and three different hospitals in two different states.

As you can imagine, her early arrival has thrown life into a bit of chaos. I was meant to be working up till the end of May, and starting maternity leave in June ( allowing myself two or so weeks in case she decided to show up a bit early! ) It broke my heart to have to postpone sessions.
It was slightly surreal coming home after two weeks. The house was just as i had left it, with a list of "what to do before baby comes" written out, sitting on my bedside table. My computer was open to start designing a storybook for Will, and my to-do list was sitting neatly on my desk, ready to start on Monday morning.

Craig took time off to stay with Jade while she in NICU, and at the moment has work commitments he has to stick to, so I am home with Jade trying to figure this out all by myself. My business has taken a back seat, and I do apoligise to those clients whose sessions i had to cancel, whose sessions are yet to be edited, whose story books are to be designed, whose weddings are to be finalised... I will do it, but right now there is a little baby girl crying in her cot. I think she needs a cuddle from her Mum.

With much love for your all your well wishes and support,


  1. Kylee xo4:01 PM

    oh how beautiful, welcome to the world Jade, and welcome to parent hood Skye and Craig... :) you will both be great parents Jade is a very lucky Girl... xo :)

  2. Kelly Smith9:03 PM

    Skye she is just gorgeous. You will be a great mum. There's a reason babies don't come with instruction we can come into our own - together. Lots of love to you, Craig and little Jade. I'm only a phone call away if you need some help though :)

  3. Lisa.C.1:24 PM

    These photos and your comment has left me speechless... such a beautiful girl and moment in your life! x .

  4. Congratulations to you both. Jade is so gorgeous and precious, enjoy xo