Tuesday, September 13, 2011

kourtney { on location }

This gorgeous girl is my niece. She came to stay for the weekend, so of course we did a photo session. When I asked her what she wanted to do or wear she said she didnt care, so we went shopping and i had sooo much fun styling the session. I have had the red aviator sunnies for ages and wanted to use them somehow, and then as soon as i saw that hat ( which is now in my props cupboard! ) i knew i had to use it. Pics with the hat are going to be in another post.

We snuck the session in between Jade's nap times and i hadnt done a shoot for ages, i felt so out of practice, i drove around wasting time looking for the perfect loation. In the end i just pulled the car over, got out and started shooting. And then realised how much i had been missing it while i was on maternity leave! 

I love location shoots. The light, the textures, the bokeh, the colours... Bliss!

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