Saturday, March 31, 2012

studio or location?

Its sometimes hard to choose between a studio and a location session. The studio look is very simple, white background, maybe a prop or two. Location offers a range of different backgrounds, colours, textures and light. Sometimes it also presents a lot more complications, like ants the size of  teacups and mozzies the size of small planes. And the weather can be an issue too, and location shoots need to be done around the best light.

So really it comes down to personal choice, look through the blog and the website and see what your favourite images are.


  1. Kylee xo4:02 PM

    Oh she is so cute, but i really love the location shoots but with jade she makes any place look great, the photographer is simply wonderful to she will make any place and anyone look fantastic :)

  2. Kylee you are such a sweetie!