Wednesday, August 08, 2012

studio update

So next Wednesday I will be twenty weeks along in this pregnancy, which would be half way if the twins were to go to full term, which I dont think will happen. On Monday I have an ultrasound where I can find out the sex of the babies but I am having trouble deciding if i will or not.

Speaking of confusing, what about twin prams, two cots, two carseats and what new car to buy???

I have already blogged this previously but for those new to the blog, please note that I am now totally booked until i go on maternity leave and at this stage havent set a return date for next year yet. I am planning on working till the start of November but at this stage i am taking each day as it comes and trying to find that balance between taking it easy and getting a lot of work done. If my plan all goes well I will get everything done for clients and give birth to two wonderful happy healthy babies, which will give me three happy gorgeous children.

And because a post on here isnt a post without a picture here are some random shots of Jade when she was about ten months old that I dont think i have blogged before.

Much Love