Thursday, April 17, 2014

holly { twelve days new }

A couple of weeks ago I found myself with two whole work days and no appointments, and while i'm still not sure how that happened I had to fill those days with something wonderful, so I did a model call for newborns. I got to meet and snuggle four brand new little babies and it reminded me that they are all so different.

So if I stand on my tippytoes and stretch my arms up as high as I can ( which isnt very high, because Im pretty short, but work with me here! ) then that's about how much I learnt over two days. I have photographed lots of newborns over the years, but I made sure to try lots of new props and some new ideas. Get out of that comfort zone.

First up was Holly, who was born weighing in just over 11lb. She tried to resist sleep but her mumma took her for a lap around in the block in the car and she couldnt resist any longer, she arrived back in the studio sound asleep and ready for her close up.

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