Tuesday, May 27, 2014

kim and keeley { aka the super k's! } a creative session

One day a photographer was out driving in the rain when she saw a location, a wet and dismal place with mud and dead trees and that photographer thought "What a great place for a photo shoot". And that photo shoot idea bounced around in her head so much she had to shoot it to make room for other images in her head. And thats how this session kind of came about...

I always try to do a couple of creative sessions each year, just to let the inner artist have a play. A play date for me and my trusty 5D Mkiii. I learnt so much from this session and I think Im going to have to do it again really soon.

I had two fabulous models, Kim and Keeley, who hadnt modelled before and I'm sure they wondering on the day what was going on ( my assistant had to call in sick and there was an equipment disaster too ). They both did an amazing job and Im hoping once the weather starts warming up again they will both come out and have another go.

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